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Interferences opus 1

Nature and its magnificent colors and patterns are a never-ending source of inspiration for visual artist Deborah Apol. 

The series Interferences was inspired by what we call wave phenomena in physics. 

When a stone is thrown into still water, a circular wave pattern is moving radially outwards.

Interesting patterns can arise where two waves meet. They can strengthen or extinguish each other. This physical phenomenon is called Interference. Also sound and light behave in the same manner. 

Combining Deborah's fascination for fluorescent acrylics and light, the idea of transforming wave patterns into light objects was born.

In december 2023 the first object of these series was a fact.  In the beginning of year 2024 opus 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 followed quickly. During Object Rotterdam and Milan Design Week numbers 2, 3 and 4 were exposed.


In the colorful series 'Interferences' several layers of laser engraved fluorescent acrylics are placed in front of each other. Each individual circle has a different circular wave pattern, starting from the center of the circle.   

The result is a delicate play of fine lines and deep transparencies. 

Each handmade object has its own aura because of the carefully chosen colors of the layers. The magic happens when the light changes during the day and black light is supplied to it. 

Light object, wall art, unicum.

Dimensions - ø75 cm x 4 cm depth

Materials:  acrylics, black LED light, iron.

© Deborah Apol 2023


Price: € 2300,- ex VAT.


Light Line

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