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Title: Floating Circles opus 6

This artwork Floating circles opus 6, made in the summer of 2023, is the smaller version of Floating Circles opus 1 (2022) and has the same concept.

It's the result of layering transparent and satin acrylic panels, which are separately cut in a different circle pattern with a laser cutter.

These circle patterns, that are intuitively made, create a surprising effect by sliding the panels over each other. 

Fascinating new colors and circle patterns emerge, shifting the panels. Changing the degree of depth, by placing the panels before or after each other, can fade or highlight colors and forms.

What you see here is the final composition, after a delicate proces of making choices of color, position and pattern of the sheets.

The large green fluorescent circle illuminates in contact with sunlight.

When blacklight supplying to this work the effect is even more magic.

If you are interested in experiencing this artwork, please make an appointment by sending an email to

You are welcome to visit the permanent showroom at the Old factory of Bols in the centre of Amsterdam. 

Title: Floating Circles  opus 6| © Deborah Apol 2023

Dimension: 2000 x 1003 x 75 mm

Materials: recycled colored and satin acrylic panels, aluminium

Price: € 5200,- ex. VAT



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