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Title: Squares of Light opus 2

Squares of Light opus 2 (2022)  is the following up of  Squares of Light opus 1.
In this work the colors of the 7 acrylic transparent layers are different from the first Squares of Light.
Instead  of patrol-green in this work the sheets are different shades of gray.
When artificial light interferes with these gray layers the color palette has the possibility to show more soft tone quality. New colors like olive green, pastels, or for instance dark purple are possible now.
This light-object is also framed in blue steel, but the frame has a black polished finish.

Interactive Light-object

Dimensions: 640 x 640 x 72 mm

Materials: Materials: recycled acrylics, LED light, wood, powder coated steel.

Concept & Design - Deborah Apol 2022

Production - Deborah Apol 2022

Price: € 3200,- ex VAT


Spectrum opus 2

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