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Title: 3D Verticals

3D Verticals is a unique piece of artwork, in which no artificial light is used. Just daylight on the work illuminates the colored rods of acrylic glass itself.

In this work a mix of fluorescent, transparent, satin acrylic rods in combination with XF3 plastics are glued on a satin acrylic sheet.

This bottom satin white sheet is glued on a MDF black plate.

3D Verticals Lines is framed in a black wooden frame of high quality.

I associate the colors of this work with The Mediterranean see, and therefore it gives me a sense of purity and relaxation. 

This abstract colorful artwork could fit well in all types of interiors.

Other sizes and colors will follow in the next future.

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If you are interested, please contact me and I invite you for a cup of coffee to experience this artwork!

Title: 3D Verticals

Dimensions: 450 x 750 x 50 mm

Materials: colored acrylic staffs, XF3 plastics, MDF, wood.

Concept & Design - Deborah Apol 2021 

Production - Deborah Apol 2021



Floating Circles 

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