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Title: Squares of light opus 1

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Inspired by the colourful translucent characteristic of acrylics Deborah Apol started in 2018 to experiment with layering used acrylic plates, combining them with a light source of changing colors. 
To bring all the attention to the beauty of the material and the combination of colors Deborah works only with clear abstract forms.
In this work she has chosen the square as the basic form. 
Layering seven transparent acrylic squares in combination with light, a sense of depth or infinity can be experienced by the spectator.
By manipulating artificial light transmitted through these layers, the bright colour spectrum of the light-installation can spectacularly change.
This light-object is framed in blue steel.
Squares of Light has a following up in Squares of Light opus 2 (2022). 
The difference lies in other colors of acrylic sheets and the black polished blue steel frame.

Interactive Light-object

Dimensions: 640 x 640 x 72 mm

Materials: Materials: recycled acrylics, LED light, wood, iron.

Concept & Design - Deborah Apol 2020 

Production - Deborah Apol 2020

Collection: Rogier Mollema

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