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Video: Floating Circles


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Deborah Apol is a Dutch artist specializing in light objects. 

In the old factory of Bols in Amsterdam she started Apol Objects in 2018 with a clear vision: to create visually stimulating and interactive art.

By combining layered acrylics and artificial light, Deborah is able to use the full color spectrum.

She creates unique installations which can change spectacularly with different light transmission.

The color palette can be as mystic as the moon, glow like Northern Lights or be warm as the evening sun.

In her work Deborah looks for new art forms by merging

functionality of technology, perfection of design and the poetry of art.



All objects are unique and made by Deborah Apol herself by craftsmanship, using mainly recycled materials.

Her most important applied technology is laser cutting, using the equipment of the makerspace of Broedplaats Contact.

Restmateriaal lasersnijden Floating Cirkels 02.png

Each single object has multiple objects in itself, by choosing a different color or brightness by a remote control.


It's the material of the transparent colored and fluorescent acrylic glass that takes an important role in her work.

Playing and experimenting with transparent colored sheets and forms inspires her to make objects which can surprise and create the will to interact.

The constant surprisingly changes and effects of light on the colors of the layered acrylics is what Deborah drives to create.

The material illuminates when light energy is supplied to it, whether in the form of natural daylight or artificial light.

To bring all the attention to the beauty of the material Deborah works in clear abstract forms.

Below pictures of Deborah's ateliers and an idea of her working proces. More information you'll find by clicking on the photo.



Because of the adjustability of colors of the light by the possibility of interaction, Apol's objects fit in all different kinds of interiors. 




Apol's objects can be small and intimate, suitable for private homes and living spaces.

But the concept of Floating Circles can be big and monumental, perfect for public spaces  and as hotel-lobby's, restaurants and central halls of business companies.

Apol Objects' artwork and design stand for high quality and sustainability.

If you are interested in collaborating or to commission Apol Objects, please send an email to .





Deborah invites you to come to Contact Amsterdam for a cup of coffee in the restaurant of Contact Amsterdam and discuss your wishes and requirements !

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